2022 Circle Hackathon

1599 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
1599 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

Winners are announced.

starts on:
Apr 04, 2022, 01:00 PM ()
ends on:
May 02, 2022, 03:59 AM ()



Circle is a global financial technology firm that’s at the center of digital currency innovation and open financial infrastructure. We bridge the traditional financial system and the world’s leading public blockchains to unlock growth for businesses and investors around the world. Our mission is to: To raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.

We are proud to partner with HackerEarth to host this exciting, month-long virtual Hackathon, that aims to bring the greatest minds together! There will be prizes, recognition, and even career opportunities for winning teams! 

In this challenge, you are encouraged to use Circle’s technology to develop solutions for the future of finance! A few things to note before getting started:

  1. This is a two-phase event.
  2. Create a profile to participate and JOIN THE DISCORD
  3. The first phase is for idea submissions
  4. The second phase is for prototyping


Welcome to PHASE 2!

If your team has been shortlisted, you will receive an email notification with access to the new Discord server. Be sure to join for updates, chats, team info and more!

The kickoff for this event begins April 4th at 3 PM EST and we have a jam-packed agenda for the teams! The schedule for this week is as follows:


3pm - 4pm EST: “Introducing the Circle Hackathon”

by Jeremy Allaire, Circle CEO

Yongsheng Wu, VP of Engineering

Charles Squeri, Product Manager of Developer Services

Tao Tao, Principal Software Engineer



1:30pm - 2:30pm EST: “Composable, Programmable, Exquisite Money”

by Dante Disparte, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy



1pm - 3pm EST “Verite Workshop”

by Tao Tao


3pm - 4pm EST “Circle API Workshop”

by Charles Squeri



3:30pm-4pm EST "USDC Smart Contract Workshop"

by Walker Mayerchak, Senior Software Engineer



This will be a fantastic and informative event highlighting some of the brightest minds in the world. We are excited about the opportunity to highlight our technology and look forward to partnering with the talent of the future! Winning teams will receive prizes, recognition, and even career opportunities! 



Circle APIs have re-imagined processing payments to accept global payments across traditional and blockchain rails in one powerful integration.

Circle Payments API allows you to take payments from your end-users via traditional methods such as debit & credit cards, bank accounts, etc., and receive settlements in USDC. Businesses with users already holding USDC are also able to take on-chain payments on supported blockchains.

Circle Accounts API can be used to unlock digital currency payments for merchants worldwide. For example, it can power Solana Pay to enable near-instant settlement at near-zero cost for USDC payments at participating merchants.

Open up new markets and drive down costs to your business with our payments infrastructure


DeFi (“decentralized finance”) is the concept of peer-to-peer financial services performed on public blockchains — without the need for a traditional bank or 3rd party intermediary. DeFi enables users to buy, sell, borrow and lend from other users directly through automated software, primarily known as smart contracts.

One of the main digital assets used in DeFi is USDC. USDC is a leading stablecoin that is 1:1 fully backed by US dollars. With USDC, individuals and businesses are able to seamlessly exchange value in DeFi across blockchains in the form of “digital dollars”.

Circle APIs provide an easy way to add support for USDC in your apps across a range of payments and digital asset transfer use cases.

Trusted Blockchain Apps

Throughout Web3 history, the absence of a robust, open-source standard for sharing and verifying online identity has created many challenges for developers and end-users alike.

Circle is a launch partner and key contributor to Web3 identity service Verite, which presents an open, shared, interoperable architecture for identity and trust in the global crypto-financial ecosystem.

With Verite, credentials can be issued and used to prove identity claims for an unbounded number of use cases, including KYC verification, accredited investor status, social reputation, NFT provenance tracking and more—without the need for participants to disclose personal data.

All Things USDC

Web3 is a place that embraces innovation, we would love to see your imagination go beyond the above areas. Any ideas that expand the current use cases of USDC is welcomed. (eg. Gaming, NFT & DAOs, etc)

Prizes USD 110000 in prizes

A total of 110,000 USD in USDC will be distributed among the winning teams across all 4 themes. See details below.

In addition, we would also like to offer an accelerated Circle hiring experience if members of the winning teams are interested in opportunities to work at Circle. (This may only apply to participants from countries/regions that we have open head counts, eg. US & Canada)

For all participants, we welcome you to apply to Circle.

Main Prizes
Grand Prize!
USD 20,000

$20,000 USDC + free ticket to future Circle conference!

Prize in Each Theme (12)
USD 90,000

1st Prize: $10,000 USDC

2st Prize: $7,500 USDC

3st Prize: $5,000 USDC

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